jeudi 3 septembre 2009


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***** Nearly  1 0 0 Millions  of Visitors every  year *****

All world's culture at your disposal , Historical Monuments , 

Artistic creations, Natural Beauties of unprecedented sceneries 

 Mountains with still lively wildlife ... 

 The Mediterranneen Sea in the South

 and the Atlantic Ocean on the West Coast,

 gives you a general idea of a

 medium sized country ....

As the " G r e a t n e s s " of a country

" DOESN'T "lie in it's " area of square miles"....

But , surely in the quality of " L I F E " 

 and the  " H a p p i n e s s " of it's

people being uplifted with  

 "S p i r i t u a l  v a l u e s "

 which help them to grow and mature as 

normal free human beings ...

After all , why are we on  E a r t h , 

 if  not   for    " S  p i r i t u a  l       E v o l u t i o n " ?

You have to know that your ancesstors

 have taken great care of this valuable

" L A N D " we are treading on and which

 feeds it's people...

Also , we' ve got the     " F a s t e s t 
" R a i l w a y s     N e t w o r k "    in the " W o r l d "...

and most reliable with best comfort ever possible ...

T. G. V . ......Train Grande Vitesse

 = High Speed Train

On several occasions ... " WORLD'S     RECORD "

 has been beaten ....

Over " 5 7 0 " Kilometres per hour as a test .... 

As , there's no doubt , it's the best "                

 " R A I L W A Y    S Y S T E M " in the World ...

Good Motorways  and   most Reliable roads

 secured by  best " N a t i o n a l    G u a r d s "

Under the " Highly  Efficient Supervision of the  Head

of   Department  of Gendarmerie  Nationale "

always on the watch ....

And , of course the best  food in the 



First  class  restaurants with a variety

of food from all the parts of the World...

With  " Cuisine  Provençale " 

" A U V E R G N A T E "

" B A S Q U A I S E "

" B R E T O N N E "


And Alsacienne of course,

and the rest ...

Without forgetting , to mention ...


Highly  Efficient ...

But, perhaps and maybe you have 

 already visited and the place has not

been up to your expectations ....

I know the " r e a s o n " W H Y ?

Because , " I  H A V E        B E E N  

 T H E R E             B E F O R E " .....

Perhaps , it was on a         " B o r i n g  B u s i n e s s " 

 T r i p .... Talks and Talks and Talks endlessly 

with intellectual gossip leading nowhere ....

 Reaching it's " Zenith " just before Lunchtime ....

As , everyone knows , our " E Y E - B L I N K E R S "

 prevent us from seeing real beauty and reality ....

You see , you need " insight" and

 discover it all " a new " 

from a different point of view ....

As , everything is in the " eye " of the " Beholder " ....

You need to give it another chance and rediscover

 it on a pleasure trip on your " o w n " like 

a grown up person ...

As , you came on this " earth " on your " o w n "

 and you' ll leave it on your " o w n " .... 

Believe it or not ... And you 'll take

 " nothing " with you .....

Except your very " own    

  " S O U L and Nothing Else ....

Being a " F r e e   H u m a n  B e i n g "

 and not a company's " etiquette" or  a

coded  badged  label ...

There are of course , many possibilities 

 of travelling , such as      " H i r i n g "

a " C A R " with best car companies , 

the choice is yours , as there 's no limit !!!

All you need is the right " G U I D E "

 for your mysterious discoveries ....

There are sacred places that "  No one "

 could have taken you except a

" F R E N C H M A N " 

 who knows how to get you there ...

Believe it or not , it's a matter of trust and 

 self confidence , as your delicate

" Intuition " would never fail ...

You see you have to

"feel it " 

 It's in the air,

"G E N U I N N E S S "

everywhere , 

all " Nature "

revealing in 

their true 

colours  ... 

There's beauty

in it .... 

You have to feel it.

As , inside yourself

 part of nature too  

there's  harmony 

and communion.

There's no 

more distance 

between you  

and Nature..

You made 

the junction,

a wholeness...


beyond  words  .

That's the very

 life blood

of our Earth 

 giving all it's

Energy freely 

to sustain

" L I F E  ...

like a miracle...

" L I F E " ........

To  be   continued ...


R......... RANKING

A......... AMONG


C.......... CONSENSUS

E........... EFFICIENCY



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